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I have brought together the 13 best things to do in London with its Museums hosting valuable works, numerous live music venues, historical buildings, palaces, colorful streets and neighborhoods.Grab a bite at Borough Market Borough Market, one of London’s most beloved and well -known markets, is also home to many restaurants and cafes. This market, which is a favorite of both tourists and British people for eating and drinking, also attracts attention with its 800-year history. In addition, the area where the market is located is one of the most lively spots in London in the evening. abripiscines

The capital of England, London, which has the title of being the most visited city in Europe, continues to be one of the popular travel stops for young tourists, especially in recent years. There are many attractions to be done in this city, which fascinates its visitors with its Postcard touristic structures. This Magnificent city, where tourists of all ages can spend 2-3 days without getting bored, also makes a name for itself with its shopping opportunities and lively nightlife. bibliothequeparis

Watch the most beautiful view of London from the Sky GardenActually, there are more points in the city where you can watch a panoramic view. However, Sky Garden is one of the most beautiful spots to watch London from above, both free of charge and with the Magnificent view it offers. From here you can see the London Eye and most of the Bridges in the city. The market is mainly known as a place where people meet their food needs. However, the market also has places where you can have a snack or sit and have a nice dinner. checkergooglerank

This is the terrace on the top floor of a skyscraper called the ‘Walkie talkie’. There are also ultra-luxurious restaurants and cafes inside, but the most important feature of the Sky Garden is that it offers a magnificent view of the Thames River from the glass section covered from floor to ceiling. To experience London from a different perspective, make sure to visit Sky Garden, and don’t forget netsolution that you can buy your ticket online and free of charge.Explore Piccadilly Circus One of the most popular things to do in London is to explore the city’s now famous intersection and its surroundings. The place where the Junction is located is known as one of the places where the heart of London beats. Therefore, it is a very lively place both during the day and in the evening. You can also see some of the city’s leading historical and touristic attractions at Piccadilly Circus. chanterelle

Experience the London Eye The London Eye, the most touristic place in London, is the Ferris wheel.

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But the most famous and the most crowded. Especially in high season, you may have to enter long queues to ride the Ferris wheel. The London Eye is an attraction center where visitors of all ages can have a pleasant time. If you are visiting London with your children, you can ride the Ferris wheel with your family, or if you are visiting the city as a couple, you can buy a romantic dinner inside the Ferris wheel. Although a little pricey, it will be an excellent experience for travelers on a budget. subsaharandrilling

British Museum The British Museum, which hosts valuable artifacts covering nearly 2 million years of human history, is also known as the most visited place in London. Although the fact that the museum is free is the main reason for this, it is also interesting with its valuable works of art. Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies are among the prominent collections of the museum. However, the museum has many permanent and temporary exhibitions that you can visit for hours without getting bored. metro-montreal

Watch London from The ShardAnother observation point of London is the skyscraper called The Shard, which is the fourth tallest building in Europe and the 87th tallest building in the world. You can see almost every attraction of London from the observation point on the 69th floor of this 309-meter-high and 95-floor skyscraper. The skyscraper, which was built in 2012, continues to be one of the most important attraction centers of London since its establishment. 200iso

London’s Most Beautiful Instagram Spot: Neal’s YardNeal’s Yard is one of London’s most famous tourist attractions. This region, which attracts attention with its colorful buildings, is home to many bars, restaurants and cafes. In addition, most of the places here are much more economical than those in the city center. For a drink at The Churchill Arms The Churchill Arms is one of the most preferred bars in London. This bar, which attracts attention especially with its decorations, gets much more lively in the late hours word-press