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He always found something positive to say. He even drove the people around him crazy
at times. How can this man be optimistic even in this state? If someone asks how it is; “I’m
like a bomb,” he always replied.

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“I’m like a bomb.” Jerry was a natural motivator…If one of
his employees had a bad day that day, Jerry would run up to him and tell him how to look at
the situation positively.

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It made me think badly about this style… One day I went to Jerry’s. I
said I can’t understand. How can you be such a positive person all the time, under any

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circumstance… How do you manage to do that? Every morning, Jerry, I say to myself, Jerry,
you have two choices today: your weather will be good or bad.. I choose to have good
weather. When something bad happens, I still have two choices: to be a victim or to learn. How Much House Can I Afford I
choose to learn from the bad things that have happened to me. When someone comes to
me to complain about something,

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I still have two choices. To accept the complaint or to
show him the positive side of life. I choose the positive aspects of life. No, I protested. Is it

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that easy? Yes.. Easy said Jerry.. Life is all about choices. In any case, there is a choice. You
choose how to act in any situation. You choose how people will be affected by your

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behavior. You choose the weather, your attitude to be good or bad… So you choose how to
live your life!..Jerry’s words impressed me a lot. I haven’t seen him for many years. But I always remembered him when I chose to choose rather than lament the unfortunate events

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in my life. Years later, something very unpleasant happened to Jerry. The thieves, who came
for the robbery, panicked and pierced Jerry… His operation lasted 18 hours, and he was in

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intensive care for weeks. When he was discharged, some of the bullets were still in his body.
I saw him six months later. How are you? When I asked him, he said I’m like a bomb. I said Jerry, how did you feel during the incident? Lying on the floor, I thought I had two choices.. I

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would choose to live or die.. I chose to live. Aren’t you afraid, didn’t you lose your
consciousness!.. The paramedics who came by ambulance were wonderful people. They
always told me don’t worry you will get better. But I was scared for the first time when I saw chase online banking
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the expressions on the faces of the doctors and nurses while they were driving my stretcher
in the corridors of the emergency room. He told me the man was dead. If I didn’t do

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something, I’d be a dead man soon. What did you do? I asked curiously.. A huge nurse
approached me and shouted if I was allergic to anything.. I answered yes.. Yes.. The doctors and nurses were curiously silent. !..The doctors and nurses started laughing. I shouted
again.. I chose to live. Operate me like a living thing. It’s not like doing an autopsy. My friend
Gayle had been fighting cancer for four years. One day I was visiting her with my other
friends, we were talking about our childhood dreams. Gayle turned her head towards the
window. His eyes are far away, his voice is reproachful “I always wish I had a remote control
red toy car, but if I say what I want on my birthday; I could not tell this to anyone for fear that my wish would not come true. That’s why I never had a red toy car with a radio.” It was
a few days after I visited Gayle. While I was waiting in line to buy my favorite ice cream, I
suddenly saw the red toy car in the window of the ice cream shop. There was a note
attached to it: “Don’t forget to fill in the coupon we will give you when you buy your ice
cream, maybe this remote control car can be yours at the end of the lottery.” Gayle’s words
came to my mind immediately. For a few weeks, I constantly bought ice cream and filled the
coupons they gave me. I haven’t won any of the draws. I had to buy this red car for Gayle. At
the end of the fourth week, I had given up hope of winning in the lottery. I talked to the
owner of the shop and asked them to sell me one of these cars.